Dynamic Climate Test Chamber (Model no: MKF, MKFT, MKT)

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To broaden the scope of the natural environment simulation, a new generation of BINDER temperature and climate test chamber establishes a new standard for the R&D, quality guarantee and material testing.


The test chamber is designed for material test between -70°C - 180°C (-94°F- 356°F). And many features included as standard equipment. Using the most reliable technology to achieve the most accurate calibration.


In addition to up to 5K / min improved temperature dynamics, the heating and cooling process, the main advantage of this redesigned series is a humidification system with a high degree of response can be available in a variety of feeding water quality conditions. Positive pressure steam is injected into the cavity by the valve, and quickly, evenly distributed. The entire cavity will formed a special fine mist.


Through the fine-tuning of interaction between the various features, making it possible to achieve truly natural simulate of various conditions. It is absolutely the highest level of reliable technology - the best choice for you success.


MKF/MKFT seriesEnvironmental simulation Chambers for dynamic temperature and humidity profiles


MKF / MKF series ideally suited to DIN and IEC standards, all tests are carry out  accordance with current temperature and climatic test standard, i.e. temperature range -40°C /-70°C to 180°C, humidity range 10% to 98% RH.



MKF: 115ltr; 240ltr; 720ltr.

Temperature range: -40°C - 180°C


MKFT: 115ltr; 240ltr; 720ltr.

Temperature range: -70°C - 180°C


MKT seriesEnvironmental simulation Chambers for dynamic temperature profiles with extended low temperature


The specialists for extreme testing: The MKT meets all requirements for complex test cycles between -70°C (-94°F) and 180°C(356°F) .

Model: 115ltr  240ltr  720ltr