Serving the analysis, testing, QC and processing needs of the academic and industrial sectors

Universal (Hong Kong) Technology is a leading sales and distribution company in Asia, specializing in testing equipment, scientific & research instrumentation,

industrial tools and related supplies. Working in exclusive partnership with top-tier manufacturers from throughout Europe and the US, we provide our customers

with high-quality instrumentation backed by technical expertise and solid service support. The reliability of the equipment we supply coupled with the support

we provide our customers are what have made us a leader in the market today.

Established in 1991, Universal Technology started out with a focus on lab instrumentation for the petroleum and petrochemical industries. Hard work, a dedicated

sales team constantly in the field, and an unfailing service promise soon made us the top player in the market.

With our place in the petroleum and refining industry firmly established, Universal Technology began to diversify – upstream to oil and exploration, downstream

to plastics and polymers, and outwards to materials testing and characterization, pharmaceuticals and drug discovery, lasers and photonics, abrasives

and grinding, environment and energy, construction testing, and specialty chemicals supply. With business activities spread out across so many

different sectors, Universal Technology has secured the stability crucial for further growth and development in the often volatile Asian markets.

Today Universal Technology has five sales offices in China (Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan), several service centers in second-tier cities,

two sales and service offices in Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi), as well as an administrative and logistics center in our Hong Kong headquarters. Our extensive

geographical coverage ensures proximity to market information as well as fast, localized response to customer needs.

For more than 20 years, Universal Technology has been the partner of choice for customers throughout the industry. Just as we have always been committed

to doing in the past, we will continue to offer a full spectrum of value-added services alongside our substantial product portfolio. These services include pre-sales

consultation, technical support from installation through maintenance and repair, application support and laboratory turnkey packages. As a result, customers

have come to rely on Universal Technology as a solution provider, not just an equipment supplier.

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