April 30, 2007 – The Chinese government is investing more than 30 billion RMB (US$3.95 billion) in the expansion and renovation of Dushanzi Petrochemical’s refinery and ethylene plant. Upon completion, annual capacity will reach 10 million tons of refinery products and 1.2 million tons of ethylene. This represents the largest investment in a combined refinery and petrochemicals plant in China to date.


To equip their new facilities with the required laboratory testing instruments, Dushanzi Petrochemical’s central laboratory asked China Petroleum Material & Equipment Corporation to invite bids from vendors worldwide on its behalf. Intense competition through several rounds of bidding followed, but after a painstaking review by Dushanzi Petrochemical of all bids tendered, Universal Technology emerged victorious. Universal won the bids for all three packages of testing equipment for physical/mechanical properties, as well as two packages for petrochemicals testing and refinery equipment.


This past month, Universal Technology formally signed a contract worth more than US$10 million with PetroChina International Co. Ltd, becoming the master contractor responsible for supplying all laboratory equipment to the central lab at Dushanzi Petrochemical, which is part of PetroChina.


Having won one of the largest single contracts for imported testing equipment in the entire history of China’s petroleum industry, Universal Technology has once again proved its capabilities and further cemented its position as the leading supplier of imported petroleum testing equipment in China.


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