July 1, 2007 – Universal Technology (HK) Co. Ltd is proud to announce a strategic partnership with Temco, Inc. As of July 1, 2007, Universal Technology is an official Temco representative in the People’s Republic of China market. “I am looking for a long-term partnership, and the team and support structure Universal Technology has put together is first rate,” said Paul Brauer, president of Temco. Universal Technology is very excited to work with Temco and other partners in consolidating our presence in the oil field industry.


For the past 15 years, Universal Technology has been the market leader for analytical and testing equipment in the fuels and lubricants market in China. Many of our customers are also very strong players in the oil exploration and production sectors. This partnership with Temco is a natural and complementary outgrowth of our respective business activities and market leadership. Building upon Universal Technology’s strong petrochemical team, and backed by our service resources and multiple offices and support centers in China, Temco will be able to quickly expand its presence throughout China.


Universal Technology is a major player in the gas and oil exploration industry. Our product lines include Isco pumps, Reologica rheometers and Horiba particle sizers; we have also recently begun to work with Fann Instruments of Houston, TX.


From upstream all the way to downstream, Universal Technology is the name most well-known in China for oil, plastics, polymers, chemicals and pharmaceuticals testing. Contact us today and ask for a copy of our oil exploration catalog.