Following Universal’s partnership with Temco beginning in July 2007, and then the takeover of Temco by Core Laboratories later in the year, Universal has become a strategic partner for both brands in China.


As Core Lab was quick to realize, Universal (Hong Kong) Technology Co., Ltd., with its five branch offices across China and Vietnam, provides the ideal solution to offer extended service coverage and customer proximity. Universal’s service team of over 40 technicians covers the territory with efficiency and fast response. Core Lab and Temco have both sold equipment in China for over 15 years, and permanent customer support is necessary.


The alliance between Universal and Core Lab / Temco offers good prospects for the future of both organizations in China and Vietnam. It also extends Universal’s presence in the upstream segment. Universal is presently the market leader for laboratory and research equipment in the refining and petrochemical (plastic and rubber) fields in China.


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