For the past few years, Universal has been the key player in supporting China’s fire institutions, private research organizations and industrial customers, providing both the core equipment as well as the standards and development support needed for the increased and systematic usage of cone calorimeters, fire chambers (SBI and larger), and other related fire testing instruments in China.


FTT has continued to maintain its position at the forefront with the industry, coming out with new, significant developments in the fire testing of cables, which China will adopt. This will allow further growth of the export activity of Chinese cable manufacturers to foreign customers and builders.


As building materials develop quickly, it is also increasingly required that glass, rubber and silicon seals, coatings, fabrics and insulation materials are tested as much as concrete, plasters and wooden panels have been in the past. The variety of materials that need to be tested requires a common reference method, in order for tests to be conducted worldwide.


The “Burwitz Fire Test Furnace”, with 30 years of history, is a unique solution that allows the fire testing of materials, including large-size objects, according to accurate and repeatable algorithms, that are defined by specific DIN 4102, DIN 4102, EN 1363, ISO 834 and ASTM standards.


As a result of Universal’s experience in this field, the Burwitz and Universal alliance in China is a natural one.


The Burwitz Special Furnace Program, is a complete solution consisting of a test furnace body – lined with refractory brickwork – for the reception of the test sample; a flame-jetting device for executing the standard temperature curve; and a complete flue gas outlet system, composed of exhaust pipe and chimney. In addition, there are also the pressure, temperature, operating, monitoring and other process control devices needed for the realization of the test. Special functions and devices, such as loading mechanisms, built-in frames for the test sample, etc. are part of Burwitz’s delivery program.