Dressing Roll (Model no: RGM, RGF, PGM Series)

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    Used for grinding wheel dressing of the gear grinding machine tool, such as worm wheel grinding, form grinding and spiral bevel gear grinding

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Product Details

The gear grinding dressing roll of DR. KAISER can be used for all gear grinding machine tools, such as FASSLER, GLEASON, KAPP, NILES, LIEBHERR, REISHAUER and SAMPUTENSILI.


Worm Wheel Dressing Roll

The profile of the dressing disc is calculated from the gear data by use of proprietary software.


Worm Wheel Dressing Roll technical data:

  • Module Range: 0.2-10mm
  • Pressure Angel: 10° ~ 35°
  • Radius: up to 6000mm
  • Tip relief: Radius and Straight
  • Tip chamfer: All Shapes
  • Geometrical Accuracy: Within 2μm
  • T.I.R.: Within 2μm