High Performance Preparative Liquid Chromatography (Model no: AccQ Prep HP125)

  • Manufacturer:
    Teledyne Isco
  • Country of Origin:
  • Applications:
    Pharmaceutical synthesis, drug synthesis, natural products synthesis, pesticides

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Product Details

Chromatography System can separate and purify compound automatic. Nowadays it needs a large amount of purified compound during new drugs R&D, so the separation is very important and heavy work, the Chromatography system is a good solution for these. It can get purified compound quickly, chemist will have more time to concern the compound itself. MPLC/HPLC Prep Liquid chromatography can quickly separated according to user`s program setting.


The Teledyne Isco ACCQ Prep HP125 was developed and designed with the ease of a Flash system in mind. It does not follow the traditional path of an analytical system, but rather this system has been designed to be intuitive and easy-to-use.


The ACCQ Prep HP125 eliminates the unnecessary and complex integration parameters found in many of the HPPLC systems in today’s market. Our PeakTrak® software, which currently drives our CombiFlash® product line, is the basis for controlling the ACCQ Prep HP125. By using this software, the need for a standalone PC is eliminated. This results in a smaller, more compact unit with an integrated touch screen interface.


Enjoy the confidence associated with Teledyne Isco’s active solvent and waste level monitoring which reduces the risk of solvent spills. In addition, all sample and collection racks are RFID coded eliminating the potential of missed tubes.



  • Small size.
  • Different Detector for option.
  • It consists by pump system, detection system, collection system, control system.
  • No need PC, controlled by touch screen.
  • Method develops by Click and drag.
  • Color-coded fraction identification.


System features

  • Flow rates from 1 to 125 ml/min allow development of Prep methods directly on the system without the need or pump head changes.
  • Operating pressure up to 6000 psi.
  • Choice of UV or UV-Vis plus ELSD and MS options.


The ACCQ Prep HP125 uses two dual piston reciprocating pumps with high pressure mixing to minimize gradient delay volumes. With high pressure gradient formation and a unique pump design which operates across the full range of flow rates from analytical columns (1 ml/min) to 50 mm and larger preparative columns (125 ml/min), the need to switch out pump heads is eliminated. This allows the use of an analytical column for simplified scouting and method development directly on the system.


Start with the binary gradient base system or add the optional solvent selection valve to give you up to six solvents. The minimal gradient delay design means that purification method development can be performed on the ACCQ Prep HP125 using a 4.6 mm analytical column. The method can be automatically scaled to a larger preparative column.


Gradient Reproducibility

Graph 1 compares the programmed gradient against the profile obtained from three consecutive runs at 3 ml/min. The gradient closely follows the programmed profile, indicating minimal delay volumes, and the reproducibility is unmatched.


ACCQ Prep HP125 and Automation Modules:

The system is ready for hours of unattended operation when combined with our automation modules.

  • The AutoInjector provides multiple injections of the same sample.
  • The AutoSampler allows different chromatographic conditions to be applied to a variety of different samples and doubles the fraction collection capabilities of the system.
  • The Column Selector, when combined with either of these automation modules allows users to run samples on up to four different columns containing different media or different dimensions based on sample size needs.