Mini-Traction Machine (Model no: MTM2)

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    Lubricants Testing

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Product Details

MTM2 is a flexible general purpose instrument for measuring the frictional properties of lubricated and unlubricated contacts under a wide range of rolling and sliding

conditions. One of the main applications is the fully automated traction mapping of lubricants under conditions commonly found in internal combustion engines.

Additional features allow the measurement of anti-wear additive film growth on test specimens, investigation of soft contacts, reciprocating friction and wear



Automated testing:The control software runs on a standard PC and allows the user to easily define a test profile containing a sequence of temperatures, loads and




Technical Specification:


0 to 75 N

Contact Pressure

0 to 1.25 GPa (standard specimens) Up to 3.1 GPa with alternative specimens


-4 to 4 ms-1

Temperature Range

Ambient to 150°C (below ambient with optional oil cooler)

Test Sample Volume

35 ml (10 ml with optional pot filler)


Safety Checks


Dual platinum RTD’s for temperature measurement, safety lock on reservoir cover

Power Supply

100-240V, 50/60 Hz, 750 VA