Ultra Thin Film Measurement System (Model no: EHD2)

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    Lubricants Testing

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Product Details

PCS EHD2 Ultra Thin Film Measurement System is a fully automated computer controlled instrument for measuring the film thickness and traction coefficient (friction coefficient) of lubricants in the elastohydrodynamic (EHD) lubricating regime. In addition to film thickness measurements, traction coefficients can be measured at any slide/roll ratio from pure rolling up to 100%.


EHD2 Ultra Thin Film Measurement System was developed from research work performed at Imperial College and there are currently over 60 systems in use worldwide.


Technical Specification

Film Thickness

1 to 1000 nm


0 to 50 N

Contact Pressure

0 to 0.7 GPa (steel ball on glass disc)

0 to 3 GPa (WC on sapphire)


0 to 4 m/s

Temperature Range

Ambient to 150 ° C

Test Sample Volume

120 ml